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Trusts can be set up to make processing your estate faster and cheaper. There are a variety of trusts available and choosing the type of trust which best serves your needs can be confusing.

Some reasons you may want to consider a trust:

  • You have children from multiple marriages. A trust can ensure that the specific instructions for the distribution of your estate are carried out.
  • Keep your finances private. A trust can help you avoid the probate process which can be lengthy and is generally open to public access.
  • Protect your legacy. A trust can protect your estate from your heir’s creditors or set up protections for heirs that might spend extravagantly.
  • You want to donate some of your estate to a charity. A trust can be set up to allow certain assets to go to a charity in addition to your other beneficiaries.
  • Limit tax exposure. Trusts can be set up to help shield your estate from taxes.
  • A beneficiary is receiving government benefits for special needs. An inheritance can disqualify a person from the receipt of certain government benefits. If you have an heir with special needs, a trust might be helpful.

Let me help you decide if a trust would benefit you or your family.

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